Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are specific to the API and not to the Infusionsoft interface.

ECommerce (1)

How Do I Refund an Order Through the API?

It is currently not possible to issue a refund via the API.

CRM (1)

How do I access a contact’s Email History?

The tables that store the email history are not available to the API however there are some saved searches that allow you to access parts of the email history

Marketing (1)

Can I access the Campaign Builder with the API?

Currently you can only complete a goal in a campaign using the FunnelService

API (5)

What is OAuth 2.0?

OAuth 2.0
 future-proofs your app and yields a number of benefits, which are explained below.

OAuth 2.0 API Access – This is the standard authentication method for Infusionsoft apps. OAuth 2.0 is the standard used by most modern APIs including Facebook, Google, Stripe, Shopify and countless others. OAuth will provide a streamlined authentication process for our customers, allow customers to view/revoke access for specific apps/integrations and provide developers with a simplified authentication method as well as more metrics about the applications you create.

API Throttling

By using OAuth 2.0, your apps are throttle independently of one another. When you use OAuth, your apps are throttled at the application level and we are able to modify this throttle on a per app or per developer basis. To accomplish this we are using an API Proxy service that, in addition to providing fine-grained throttling controls, also offers robust reporting tools for API usage.

» Read more about using OAuth2 with Infusionsoft in our documentation.

» If you haven’t done so already, register with the Developer Center to create API keys for your apps.

Can I use an API Key?

Infusionsoft uses OAuth 2.0 as the authentication standard for the API and is a requirement for all marketplace listings.

What is the REST API?

Or REST API is based on industry-standard RESTful principles allowing you to make half as many API calls as you were with the XML-RPC API.

The new REST endpoints are available through the existing OAuth 2.0 authentication. View REST Documentation

Many of the endpoints support a new Sync token feature that makes it easier for your application to keep data in sync with your users’ Infusionsoft Applications.

Still have questions? Check out REST API

How does throttling work?

The way throttling works depends on which authentication method you are using.


You are limited to a total of 125,000 api calls per day (25 calls per second max) across all Infusionsoft applications you are sending data to.

Legacy API Key

The throttling system is setup like a bank account. You have so many dollars (will be called tokens) in that account you can use. Every Infusionsoft Application has a bank of 10,000 tokens. For every API call that is made, 1 token gets removed from that bank. However, for every 500ms that there is not an API call, you get one token back in the bank, up to the max of 10,000 tokens.

When you run out of tokens, your API call gets delayed 500ms until you get a new token. For instance, you are out of tokens and you have 4 API calls come in at the same time. The first one will be delayed 500ms, the next one 1 second then 1.5 seconds and finally 2 seconds.

Once you hit 4 threads being throttled, you will then start to receive an error stating you have been throttled. The only way to become un-throttled is to cease all API calls. It takes approximately 1.5 hours of no API calls to regenerate all 10,000 tokens. You will recieve the following error:

Server returned a fault exception: [500] Server encountered exception: com.infusionsoft.throttle.ThrottlingException: Maximum number of threads throttled

General (2)

How do I get an Infusionsoft Account to test on?

We have free sandbox accounts for developers here

How do I test out the API?

The easiest way to test out the API is to create a developer account and sandbox application then use the interactive API docs