What is OAuth 2.0?

OAuth 2.0
 future-proofs your app and yields a number of benefits, which are explained below.

OAuth 2.0 API Access – This is the standard authentication method for Keap apps. OAuth 2.0 is the standard used by most modern APIs including Facebook, Google, Stripe, Shopify and countless others. OAuth will provide a streamlined authentication process for our customers, allow customers to view/revoke access for specific apps/integrations and provide developers with a simplified authentication method as well as more metrics about the applications you create.

API Throttling

By using OAuth 2.0, your apps are throttle independently of one another. When you use OAuth, your apps are throttled at the application level and we are able to modify this throttle on a per app or per developer basis. To accomplish this we are using an API Proxy service that, in addition to providing fine-grained throttling controls, also offers robust reporting tools for API usage.

» Read more about using OAuth2 with Keap in our documentation.

» If you haven’t done so already, register with the Developer Center to create API keys for your apps.

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