Say Hello to our new REST API

Infusionsoft has just launched the first version of our new REST API. It’s based on industry-standard RESTful principles allowing you to make half as many API calls as you were with the XML-RPC API.

The new REST endpoints are available through the existing OAuth 2.0 authentication. This first release provides access to Orders, Transactions, Products, Tasks, and Appointments.

In addition, many of the endpoints support a new Sync token feature that makes it easier for your application to keep data in sync with your users’ Infusionsoft Applications.

As an added bonus we’ll also be releasing REST hooks, starting with the Contacts service, in the coming months.

Documentation for all endpoints can be found on our Developer Center.

Our PHP SDK has been updated with support for these new endpoints. Some users may have a breaking change with this update, so please view the readme before updating.

Keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll be adding more endpoints to the REST API in the near future.