Announcing the Beta Release of the Infusionsoft PHP SDK

We’re excited to announce the new beta version of the Infusionsoft PHP SDK. We’ve made it even easier for developers to create an app or integration with the Infusionsoft API. 

Focus on What Matters

We handle the OAuth 2.0 integration with our new Developer Center, so that you can spend more time developing your product. 

Clarity & Consistency

Method names are now 100% consistent with the API which should make it a lot less confusing to learn about the SDK methods.

Find Bugs Faster

Debugging is even easier with built-in logging using the Guzzle log interface enabling logs to be sent anywhere. 

Save Time Updating Code

The IS SDK is designed to support our future RESTful API 2.0. As we make changes to the API, you only have to upgrade the SDK – not your code. 

NOTE:  The PHP SDK is currently in beta and there are likely some bugs. We want your feedback! If you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please create an issue on Github.  

Stay tuned for additional SDK announcements. We have an iOS SDK releasing soon!