New Certified Developer Program Coming Soon

We are currently under way to improve our Certified Developer program so our talented individuals who are savvy with our API gain the recognition they deserve among our customers. However, I understand you might have some questions about the new direction of this program. So, I’ll explain some of the changes below

In short, the new direction of our Certified Developer program is intended to assure users and fellow partners that the individuals they are doing business with have significant understanding into our API and can be trusted to create applications, custom integrations and more.

Currently, to become a Certified Developer, one must be a Certified Partner first. After much research and discussions with active members of our developer community, we have concluded that the desires, skills and interests are mutually exclusive. These individuals are incredibly smart, skilled and talented. In fact, this current definition of a Certified Developer will evolve into the highest level of certification known as “System Architect.”

We currently have 26 Certified Developers and envision a time where we could have three times that many developers who have been certified to build rigorous, scalable and profitable solutions that our small business customer base (20,000 accounts) and increasing) need to succeed. And while not every customer will necessarily need custom API development work, we do see that there will always be demand to create solutions that expand on the benefits of our software and integrate with must-have solutions in the small business market.

The future is bright with our Certified Developer program. We appreciate your patience while we make the necessary improvements to have this ready. We look forward to sharing more announcements on this program in the coming months.

Just to be clear, these proposed changes are not yet live and are subject to change.

What would you like to see from our Certified Developer program? Let us know by emailing