How the Infusionsoft API Helps You Succeed

Oreos are by far one of my favorite kinds of cookies. They have a delicious cream filling that connects two chocolate cookies. What does this have to do with the Infusionsoft API? An API is like the delicious cream filling inside the Oreo, it connects two different programs or services together. Infusionsoft provides access to that cream filling so you can connect its all-in-one sales and marketing software with other great applications. Here’s a brief overview of the Infusionsoft API and how it helps small businesses succeed. In a nutshell, the Infusionsoft API is quite powerful. It extends the functionality of Infusionsoft so it works closely with other applications or services that you use. Every person has a countless number of uses for the API. For instance, you can synchronize contacts when a customer purchases your products from a third-party shopping cart. The API is there silently keeping your business running.

The Rise of the Infusionsoft API

With so many uses, you would think everyone is using the API. Surprisingly, the API has been a hidden gem among some of Infusionsoft’s most successful customers like Jermaine Griggs. Several years ago, only a few hundred people used the API. Today, several thousand use it daily — and they use it extensively. We handle approximately 13 million API calls daily. If those were cereal boxes and you lined them up next to each other, they would go halfway around the moon. As our API has matured, developers have created numerous add-ons for Infusionsoft. The Infusionsoft API enables developers to securely and reliably access and update data inside your Infusionsoft account. We recently launched an updated Marketplace where you can find many of these great Infusionsoft add-ons. A couple of well-known applications that utilize the API include CustomerHub and GroSocial both of which Infusionsoft acquired.

Infusionsoft Marketplace


On the Marketplace, you’ll find Certified Consultants and Certified Developers that will help you grow your business in ways you haven’t even considered. We currently have a very active developer community forum that allows developers to get help and support with the API.