Getting Started with OAuth Keys

Infusionsoft manages API keys through a third-party service (TIBCO Mashery), and setting up an OAuth key requires just a couple of steps.

Step 1

Create an Account and Register an Application
Sign up for an Infusionsoft Developer Account and register your first Application through one simple process.

Step 2

Copy your Keys
After registering your Application, you will be taken to a screen containing your Key (often referred to as a ClientId) and Secret (also known as a ClientSecret).  If you need to retrieve these at a later date, you can always find them at the following link.

Step 3

Develop an Application
Now that you have your Key/Secret pair, you may request permission to interact with an Infusionsoft application. After that, use the token endpoint to get an Access Token. The OAuth flow and description of our available endpoints can be found in the OAuth2 Endpoint API documentation.

Step 4

Make API Requests
With an access token you may make requests to the Infusionsoft REST API. Please note that access tokens expire and must be periodically refreshed.

If you have further questions, we encourage you to participate with our developer partners in Infusionsoft Community.