Usage Guidelines

Infusionsoft understands that API implementation varies from business to business; generally speaking, sustaining anything above one API call per second indicates a severe problem and potentially impacts system performance.

Proper API implementation typically should be well under this threshold. Infusionsoft understands that during peak sales/activity times, usage can spike; however, when it is continuous it indicates a problem.

Restricted Uses of the API


Your use of the API may be limited due to any of these activities:

  • Do not use the API for continuous or overtly frequent data synchronization or export
  • Do not use the API in infinite loops
  • Do not use the API without proper error handling
  • Do not use the API for unfiltered searches/queries


Tips to optimize your access to the Infusionsoft API:

  • Use sound programming practices such as error checking and validation
  • Incorporate efficient resource consumption and performance considerations in your design
  • Consider caching/storing queries over a period of time for repeated access
  • Review the documentation or interact in the community to determine if there is a more efficient method to use the API for your business needs