Apigee Portal Guide

Signing in to the Developer Portal

You can find the new Developer Portal at keys.developer.keap.com.

NOTE: The first time you access the new portal, you will need to click “Register” or “Create an account to get started” instead and sign-up using the same email as you previously had registered to your account. This will associate your existing data with your new credentials.

If you have more detailed questions than what is handled here, please see our API Community FAQ regarding the migration.

Once you log in to the new Developer Portal, you can find your registered applications under the sign-in menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Accessing Registered Application Information

Once you are logged into the Developer Portal, you can access your registered Applications, along with their Keys and Secrets. By default, the Secret will not be displayed on your screen, but you can click the “Show” text in that box to reveal it for copying.

Creating new Applications

From the main Developer Portal you can click the “New App” button in the top right in order to create a new Application record.

If you have no Applications on file, you will see the following screen, with a button allowing you to create a new record.
You will have to provide a name and description for the application to complete registration, and must toggle on the Keap REST APIs toggle for the Application in order to complete the registration.